Monday, October 8, 2012


Warden Knight Titan
Warden Missile Launcher (goes one the top of the Knight Titan minus it's legs)
  1. PICK TYPE: Walker (0pts)
  2. PICK SIZE: War Machine (0pts)
  3. PICK ARMOR: F:14 (30pts) S:13 (2x30=60pts) R:12 (30pts) so... (30+60+30=120pts)
  4. OPEN TOPPED OR FULLY ARMORED: Fully Armored (0pts)
  5. WORK OUT SPEED:  Lumbering (20pts)
  6. PICK WEAPONS: 2 Vulcan Cannons {modified Heavy Bolters} Range = 54" S:6 AP:3 Heavy 3D3-3, Primary Weapon and AA Mount {allows the weapon to shoot at flyers using it's normal BS} (Heavy Bolter 20pts, Gatling Weapon +150%, Long Barrel +50%, Mega Weapon +150%, Slower Rate of Fire {-3 shots} -75%, and AA Mount +50% so... 2x[20x4.25]=170ptsWarden Missle Launcher {modified Whirlwind} Range = 12-72" RETRIBUTION MISSILES S:6 AP:3 Ordnance 3, Barrage and Primary Weapon HOLOCAUST MISSILES S:5 AP:4 Ordnance 3, Barrage, Ignores Cover and Primary Weapon (Whirlwind 40pts, Stacked Gun Battery +100%, Long Barrel +50% and Mega Weapon +150% so... 40x4=160pts) and Lascannon Range = 48" S:9 AP: 2 Heavy 1 (35pts)
  7. WORK OUT CHARACTERISTICS: Adeptus Titanicus crew WS:4 BS:4 S:5 I:3 A:1(+3) (0pts)
  8. PICK SPECIAL OPTIONS: 2 Imperial Void Shields (70pts)
  9. STRUCTURE POINTS: 2 (100pts)
  10. WORK OUT POINTS COST: 120+20+170+160+35+70+100=675pts
  11. WORK OUT VEHICLE CATEGORY: Super Heavy Walker
  12. NAME YOUR CREATION:  Warden Knight Titan

The Warden Knight Titan is the defender of an Adeptus Titanicus Fiefdom and excells in long range fire support for the Crusader Knight Titans and has more armor (but is slower)!

The Crusader Knight Titans teleport into combat and excell at attacking vehicles/monsterous creatures and are very fast compared to the Warden Knight Titans...

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